Why we need amazing people like you…

While our Run For challenge is designed to help you set a fitness goal and get motivated in these colder months, you’ll soon discover it’s much more than that. 

It’s your opportunity to meet and learn more about some of the amazing children we support. It’s your chance to hear from Ernie, Megan, Teegan or Remi (and their families) to find out just how life-changing the money you’re working hard to raise can be.  

Thanks to incredible people like you, we can help children who are deafblind or living with complex disabilities to enjoy everyday things like communicating with their families, building friendships and learning new skills.

And with your support, we can work to ensure that no one, no matter how big the hurdles they must overcome, is isolated, left out or unable to fulfil their potential. So, every time you run this February, you’ll be running for something amazing – you’ll be running to change children’s lives.  

Thank you for running for Ernie, Megan, Teegan, Remi – and thousands of children just like them. You’re our champion!